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We are taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously and value the health of all of our clients, patients, employees and their families. We understand this is a challenging time for everyone.

  • Have you been traveling or live with anyone that has travelled in an area that has had cases of COVID-19?
  • Are you or anyone you have had contact with showing any signs of respiratory illness (cough, sneezing, fever)?

If you answered YES to the above questions PLEASE notify our team. 
Your pet will not be denied treatment however, our team will take additional measures to protect themselves and ultimately their families.
If you can, please have someone else bring in your pet or use one of the options listed below.

What will these changes mean for you and your pets?

We are here for you and your pets.
We will always offer compassionate care and exceptional medicine for your pets; however, there will be some adjustments to how this care is administered.


Owners will not be allowed to enter the building with their pet at this time-regardless of the appointment type.

Payment will take place over the phone, unless you pay with cash. 

Sick pets:

  • Prior to your appointment please fill out this form
  • In clinic appointments will be available for sick animals and emergencies.
  • If you are a current client (your pet has been seen within the 12 months) we can assess your pet via telemedicine.
    • Telemedicine allows us to assess your pet via videos, pictures and/or video conferencing.
    • Based on the problem the doctor will determine which type of communication will be required for optimal assessment of the patient.  
    • In addition, the doctor may decide that your pet’s condition warrants an in-person examination and or further diagnostic tests. 

Wellness exams:

  • While wellness exams are very important for the health of your pet, we are recommending that wellness exams are postponed until after April 7th.
  • If you are a current client (your pet has been seen within the 12 months) we can assess your pet via telemedicine.
    • Telemedicine allows us to assess your pet via videos, pictures and/or video conferencing.

Vaccination appointments:

  • Rabies is the only vaccine that is required by law and needs to be kept up to date. If your pet is due for other vaccinations and or other diagnostics (bloodwork, fecal exam, etc) we will administer them at the same time.
  • Puppy vaccinations and deworming are essential for their health and well-being.

Behavior appointments:

  • Will be seen as a telemedicine appointment using Zoom video conferencing platform.
  • For more information click here.

Procedure appointments:

  • Surgeries and dental procedures will be triaged and scheduled accordingly. We are sensitive to the needs of PPE (personal protection equipment) in human medicine where supplies are critically low.
  • Radiographs will be performed if necessary.
  • Other diagnostics will be performed if necessary.
  • If your pet is scheduled to have a procedure please fill out this form prior to being admitted to the hospital.

Medications/food and supplies:


  • Pick up at the clinic:
    • For faster service fill out this form*.
    • Call the clinic and tell them what you need. 
    • Pay for your medications over the phone.
    • We will call you when they are ready to be picked up.
    • We will do our best to process your request as soon as possible.
    • Please allow 3 business days to process the request.
  • Order from our online pharmacy:
    • This is the fastest option!
    • It is fast and easy and delivered straight to your home.
    • Click here* to use our online pharmacy.
  • Other pharmacies:
    • At this time, we are encouraging you to utilize our pharmacy, rather than other online or human pharmacies.
    • By doing so, we hope to relieve some of the burden to these other pharmacies as these options often require extra verification and time in order to fill prescriptions.
    • Of course, if you’d still prefer to use these sources, please click here* to fill out the necessary form.
    • Please allow at least 5-7 business days to complete this process.

* Why all of the forms?

First and foremost, we are trying to deliver exceptional care to all our patients and clients. Our phones are our life line to our clients waiting in their cars while their pets are being treated. It is important to keep a line for emergent patients too.

You can help us help you and your pet by using the forms. They are easy, you can save the form at any time and add more items if needed. Just hit the submit button when you are finished and the form will be sent directly to us. We will then process it as soon as possible.

Why does calling into a different pharmacy take so long?
When calling other pharmacies you have the option to leave a message with the prescription or talk to a pharmacy technician directly. With either option there is often a prolonged hold time as the pharmacies are very busy.  If a message is left, often times the pharmacy will call us back to further verify information and/or with other questions (animal medications are often dosed differently than for humans). This takes additional time; we are all (the Lincoln Land Animal Clinic team and your preferred pharmacy) working hard to ensure that your pet gets the prescribed medication it needs.