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Enhanced Tele-consultations for Veterinarians

Prior to scheduling a tele-consultation with a pet owner, we will need the pet’s referring veterinarian to attest to the physical health of the pet and provide copies of the pet’s complete medical records. Diagnostics, including a complete blood count, chemistry panel, T4 and urinalysis are encouraged but not required if collection of diagnostics presents a danger to the pet or veterinary team.

The referring veterinarian will be asked to prescribe and make medication changes in consultation with Dr.C.Koch, DVM DACVB; therefore, the referring veterinarian’s consent to proceed with a tele-consultation is required.

What’s included in the tele-consultation:

  • Appointments are conducted by video conferencing and will be held between Dr. Colleen S. Koch, DVM, DACVB and the client. The referring veterinarian is also welcome to join in on the tele-consultation but this is not required.
  • Appointments typically last 45-90 minutes and include review of the pet's behavioral and medical history, observation of the pet's behavior via video, and discussion of behavioral and medical therapy options. 
  • A written summary of the appointment and treatment recommendations will be emailed to the pet owner and the referring veterinarian.
  • Simple changes to the treatment plan can be made by email communication for a period of 6 weeks, as long as the referring veterinarian is involved in all communications and will take responsibility for any recommended medication changes.
  • After the 6 week follow-up period, any changes will require a tele- or in-person follow-up consultation with Dr. Colleen S. Koch, DVM, DACVB. 
  • If the patient and or client continues to have problems or email follow up is insufficient, a brief phone consultation will be recommended.
  • The referring veterinarian will receive a summary of the phone call in addition to all adjustments to the treatment plan.
  • All contact between the client and Dr. Colleen S. Koch, DVM, DACVB will be documented and sent via email to the referring veterinarian.



  • $500 for one pet.
  • The pet owner will pay Lincoln Land Animal Clinic, ltd, Animal Behavior Services the cost of the consultation online at the time of booking.



Health history is a crucial part of our assessment and influences our treatment recommendations.

Appointments will be rescheduled if we have not received:

  • The referring veterinarian’s consent and complete medical records, 
  • The behavior history form from the pet owner, AND
  • Videos of the pet at least 72 business hours prior to the appointment.

In addition to results from a recent physical examination and diagnostics, we need full medical records including notes on physical exam findings and copies of diagnostic test results.

If you are the referring veterinarian please fill out this form: Veterinary Behavior Tele-consultation Consent Form 

If you are the owner please fill out this form: Initial consult questionnaire