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What is a Behavior Consultation?

Dr.Colleen Koch, Behavior Resident, Lincoln Land Animal Clinic, Ltd, Jacksonville, IL 62650

Behavior consultations are designed to diagnose and treat your pet's underlying behavior problem.  One of the common misconceptions regarding problem behaviors is the animal just needs to be trained.  Training alone might result in a reduction or suppression of symptoms, but it does not treat the underlying cause of the behavior.  Without treating the cause, the problem will continue to escalate.  Treatment consists of prevention, relationship building, behavior modification, and might include medication.  

Consultations are private and include detailed plans to implement the behavior modification process and three months of follow up through phone and email support.

Please refer to the Behavior ConsultPreparation Instructions and Checklist Form to guide you through the process of filling out the form and preparing for the consult. 

The Questionnaire

Prior to your consultation you will need to complete a questionnaire.  

The questionnaire is very detailed and designed to give an overview of events that may have contributed to your pet's problem. To recieve the most benefit from the consult, detailed and thorough answers on the questionnaire are important. For example, instead of saying the patient was aggressive, describe what the patient was doing, how did their body look? Were they walking, running, frozen with their head up, down, or shoulder level; were their ears up, down, back; the tail was held high, low, medium and was wagging fast, slow, stiff; the eyes were wide open, squinty,etc.

Videos and pictures of the problem behavior, as long as they are not "set up," and nobody is at risk of getting hurt are always welcome.  Videos of animal aggressing toward people or other animals are difficult to obtain without putting someone in jeopardy, and therefore if you do not have any, please do not create any.  Even videos of the the pets "hanging out" and interacting with their "people" or household pets will yeild useful information.

Once all the material is collected, it will be evaluated prior to your appointment.

The Consultation.

Ideally all of the people who are involved with the patient should be present to discuss the problems they are having with the pet.The goal is to work as a team to determine an appropriate behavior modification plan that everyone can agree upon and implement.

Consultations generally take anywhere from 2-3 hours.  After the consultation is complete, Dr. Colleen will provide you with a detailed assessment of your pet's behavioral problem and the steps needed to modify their behavior.

Dr. Colleen is a resident in behavior medicine through the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. Her mentor is Board Certified VeterinaryBehaviorist Dr. Valarie Tynes of Sweetwater, Texas.  

Dr. Colleen is licensed and available for consultations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Tennessee. 

Dr. Colleen is now working at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine satellite location in Wentzville.  She will be seeing appointments in the St. Louis Missouri area on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

To make an appointment at the University of Missouri call 1 (636) 332-5041.

The address is:
Mizzou Animal Cancer Care
1092 Wentzville Parkway
Wentzville, MO 63385

or email at:

The forms are the same and can be downloaded from our site.