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Behavior problems can sometimes be difficult, frustrating problems to correct. The information you provide is very important for diagnosing and treating your pet's behavior problems. Click here for PDF checklist to assist in preparing for your Behavior Consultation.

1. Please complete your questionnaire prior to your consult (prefer 3 business days).

  • This allows the clinician to focus on your pets problems during the consultation.

2. Please fill out the questionnaire completely in as much detail as possible.  

  • The questionnaires are available online. You can save the document and return to complete it in different sessions. Please be sure to hit “save” and then “submit” when you are done.
  • Even if the question does not seem relevant to your pet, your answer may give insight to your pet's behavior.

3. Please take video, pictures, or draw diagrams of your house, yard, and your pet’s favorite areas.

  • Please clearly label videos. Short clips are preferred.
  • Video of problem behaviors is always helpful.
    • Re-creation of /or triggering aggressive events is not advised.
    • If the problem to be addressed is aggressive behavior, videotaping the pets individually.
    • The goal is always to maintain safety and avoid triggering aggressive events.
    • If your pet is groomed or bathed by a professional and their behavior is reported to be fine, please obtain a video.
  • Videotaping the cat's behavior at home is extremely helpful; they are often fearful in the consult and we do not get a true assessment of their behavior.
  • Please take pictures of the litter boxes and resting areas
  • Videos and pictures can be shared: by bringing (or mailing) a flash drive, uploading it to “wetransfer” ( ) or youtube and sending the link.
  • Please do not send through google as we have difficulty accessing these files.

4. Please bring all of your pet’s equipment (leashes, collars, harness etc-whether you are currently using it or not), medication, and favorite treats.

5. For the best success all family members involved with the pet should try to attend the consultation.   If they cannot attend, videotaping their normal interaction with the pet is helpful.

6. Please withhold your pet's morning meal on the day of the consult.  If your consult is not until late in the afternoon, you may feed 1/4 of their normal meal for breakfast.

7. Please contact your veterinarian and ask them to send a copy of your pet’s complete medical record.

  • If your pet has seen other specialists, please ask them to send us a copy of the records as well.
  • Medical records can be faxed to 217-245-0380 or sent via
  • Your primary veterinarian should rule out medical conditions prior to the appointment. 
  • Results of current blood work (complete blood count, blood chemistries, urinalysis and thyroid levels) should have been performed within the last 4 months.
    • If your pet requires medication the results of the tests may affect the medication choice and dose. 
  • All of this can be done at your regular veterinarian’s office prior to the consult. 
  • If your pet is aggressive and/or your vet is uncomfortable handling your pet and you need us to perform the blood work please let us know a head of time so we can schedule appropriately.  
    • Additional fees will be incurred for the cost of the blood work and any sedation/anesthesia that may be required.

Thank you,

The Behavior team