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Training is not just for dogs and cats; check out these other species and what they can do!  As with any species, training is useful for manners, desired behaviors, and for fun!

Wear a Harness

Chris Waggoner, CPDT-KA/KPA CTP of  Bend, Oregon trains her pot belly pig Tofu to wear a harness.


Tofu Spins, Sits, & Pushes a Ball

In this video Chris Waggoner, CPDT-KA/KPA-CTP teaches Tofu to follow a finger, sit and play with a ball among other things.


Guinea Pig Agility

This is a 2011 Canis Film Festival Submission.

These guinea pigs are trained to weave through an obstacle course made of cones.  Sophia Yap shows you how to shape this behavior through small approximations.  The techniques shown can be applied to other animals as well. View here

Horsin' Around

Teach a horse to come when called, and to settle ( lay down) and shake (as in body shimmy) and walk without a lead rope.  View here


Teaching Jeffrey the Cow to Target

Teach a cow to target your hand.  Many useful applications to guide the cow.  View here