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Our team is fortunate to have a certified veterinary technician (CVT). CVTs have an extensive skillset and are the veterinary equivalent of a registered nurse, dental hygienist, x-ray technician, surgical nurse, and nurse anesthetist COMBINED. They really do it all!

Our CVTs graduated with associate degrees in Animal Health Technology and are registered and licensed in the State of Illinois. CVTs are trained in animal anatomy and physiology, parasitology, radiology, anesthesia, surgical assistance, nutrition, dentistry, and so much more.

Our CVTs regularly attend continuing education conferences and skill training courses to learn and practice nursing techniques in order to keep up with the latest and best care available.

Lincoln Land Animal Clinic is proud to say that we are the only practice in Jacksonville that has a certified veterinary technician. Their certification sets them apart from non-certified technicians.

Certified Veterinary Technicians vs. Veterinary Technicians

What is the difference?

The designation of “certified”,“registered”, or “licensed” ensures that the veterinary technician has completed appropriate courses, graduated, passed a credentialing test, and is licensed. Successful completion of a nationally accredited veterinary technician program and earning certification demonstrates competency and ultimately leads to higher quality care for your pet. To maintain their licensure, certified veterinary technicians must meet continuing education requirements. 

For a human medicine comparison, registered nurses go through extensive schooling and have to pass a licensing exam before they can legitimately call themselves registered nurses. Without this education and experience, it would be inappropriate (and unethical) for someone to call themselves a nurse. Unfortunately, there are many people who claim to be veterinary technicians who have not completed the necessary education to become certified through the state licensing board. Simply assisting a veterinarian or working in a veterinary clinic is not equivalent to a true CVT.


Maggie Willing

Maggie was the first certified veterinary technician to join our team at Lincoln Land Animal Clinic. She graduated from Parkland College of Champaign, Illinois in 2000.

Maggie taught us that certified vet techs are indispensable! Maggie is known among our team and clients for seeing the situation from the pet’s perspective and adjusting her methods to make patients more comfortable.

Her career goal is to provide the most compassionate up to date standard of care while taking into consideration the family’s goals and choices for their pet.

She shares her home in rural Cass County with her husband, Mike; sons, Bryce and Bradyn; and her Labrador Retrievers. She enjoys hunting, fishing, riding four wheelers, vegetable and flower gardening, and watching her boys’ baseball teams.


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