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Teach your pet to give eye contact in response to their name or other cue (such as “focus” or “watch”). This cue is very useful for teaching your pet to be attentive to you. It lays an important foundation for keeping your pet focused in “real life” situations.

Go to Mat:

The goal of this exercise is to shape the behavior of settling on a mat, bed, or blanket. Training this behavior helps pets learn to lie down, rest, and wait calmly and patiently. To watch videos of teaching go to mat or to see how this skill might be used click here.

Medicating your pet:  

If you have difficulty medicating your pet, this training plan will help you get back on track.  This is a hands off medicating protocol.  That means getting your pet to take their pills without holding them down, wrestling, or even putting a hand on their head.

Muzzle or Basket Muzzle Training & Pictorial Guide: 

Your dog will learn to approach and stick their nose in the muzzle.  Then you will teach your dog that buckling of the muzzle is a good thing.  Your dog should accept the muzzle willingly and enthusiastically.  The muzzle should be viewed by the dog as a wonderful opportunity for treats- not punishment.


Your pet will learn to approach and touch your hand/wand or other object. Targeting is a foundation behavior for clicker training. Once your pet understands how to target the possibilities for new behaviors are endless.

 Top Five Things to Teach Your Dog:

Here are a list of things you can do to help make your pup or dog's experience at the vet's office even better. Working with your pup on these simple behaviors will make visiting the clinic seem like a walk in the park!

Spa Day:

It is never too late to train your pet to love being bathed or brushed. With a little time and patience, you and your puppy, adult, or senior dog can look forward to sharing relaxing grooming time.