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Dr. Colleen's Favorite Training & Behavior Products and Information

Food Puzzles and Toys are important tools to help enrich your pet's life.  Click here to learn more.
To see food puzzle in action for dogs, cats or other species click on the species.

Muzzles should be perceived by your dog as a good thing.  
For step by step instructions on how to teach your dog to love being muzzled click here.
A pictoral guide for teaching your dog to wear a slip muzzle.  
To read a story on one dog's journey to loving his muzzle click here.

Harnesses and Halters
There are several great alternatives to the traditional leash and collar. While these products offer advantages that assist in training to stop pulling, they must be used properly and in conjunction with training in order to be successful.  Without training, dogs can and will still pull, regardless of the product being used; they must be taught to walk with slack in the leash.  If you are unsure how to fit your harness, we can schedule an appointment for a technician to fit the harness or head halter to your pet.   To learn more about these different options click here for our harness and halter page.
We also offer training services if you would like assistance teaching your pet to walk on a loose leash. These products are recommended because they are effective, kind, and humane alternatives to choke collars, pinch collars, and shock collars. 

Medicating your pet
If you have difficulty medicating your pet (dog or cat), check out this page for detailed instructions on how to train your pet to love to take medicine. For a downloadable pdf version click here.

If you have a pet and would like it trained, how do you find the right trainer?  It is always important to watch a trainer and see how they interact with pets.  Are they doing anything you that makes you feel uncomfortable? Here is a handout from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior that discusses how to choose a trainer. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask one of our team members. 

Please watch the video below prior to hiring any trainer.  It may help dispell some myths, help you identify which trainers to use and which to avoid. Ultimately, our goal is to help you have the best relationship with your pet.

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