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Training for Problem Behaviors

 Guide to Dog Body Language

Ever wish you knew what your dog was saying?  This video gives you insight into your dog's behavior to help you decode their body language.


Calming Signals

A great compliment to the body language video produced by Irith Bloom, KPA-CTP, APDT of The Sophisticated Dog, LLC, this video provides insight into how dogs interact with each other.  Dogs display "calming signals" to communicate with each other and resolve conflict.  Dogs also use these signals to communicate with humans!


Training Your Dog to be Left Alone

Unfortunately, we cannot be with our dogs 24/7.  Some dogs become anxious, or even destructive in our absence.  The following videos are a step-by-step guide to teaching your dog to be comfortable alone. Please note, some pets need more than just this instructional video. If you are not making any progress, or your pet is very distressed or in danger of hurting themselves please contact the office to set up an appointment to discuss other options.


How to Stop Your Dog From Barking

Looking for a fun way to get your dog to stop barking?  Take a look at the following video provided courtesy of Bridges Dog Training trainer, Sara Owings, KPA-CTP.  In a few simple steps, you can achieve serenity!

Prevent Barking at the Doorbell

In this video, trainer Pamela Marxsen teaches how to train your dog to go to the crate at the sound of the doorbell.  To occupy the dog in the crate, she uses a Kong to hold his attention.  There are a wide variety of food puzzles and toys that can be used a substitute for the Kong.

Video coming soon!

Muzzle training- video coming soon.

Please review the Muzzle Training Lesson Plan.