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Veterinary Visits Don't Need to Be Scary!

The myth that pets hate going to the vet needs to stop! Even fearful pets can love going to the vet when they are taught simple tricks to help them feel comfortable. Here is a video demonstrating the progression of one of our patients that went from fearful to a very cooperative patient. 

The Dangers of Untreated Dental Disease

Dental disease is far more serious than just the noticeable bad breath. Left untreated, dental disease will progress and can cause life threatening infections.

A New Take on Muzzles

Find out why muzzles aren't as scary as they seem and read one woman's touching story about how a muzzle has helped her dog.

Noise and Thunderstorm Phobia

If you suspect your pet has a noise or storm phobia, read this article to determine if your pet displays any of these common symptoms. If they do, please let us know so we can arrange a behavioral consult for your pet to decrease their suffering!

The Miracle at LLAC: Samba's Story

The touching testimonial of a brave dog's journey, his owners' love, and the team that helped save him.