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Teleconsultations for Veterinarians

To set up a tele-consult appointment for one of your patients, please click on the link and fill out the following form. We know you are busy, for your convenience you may save the form as you fill it in so that you do not have to complete it at one sitting. 

  • The completed veterinary behavior history form.
  • The last year of the patient’s medical record.
  • 1-3 short videos.

The videos should include the patient displaying their routine behavior in their home environment and one of the patient that includes the problem behavior.

* Please do not put your patient, other pets, animals or people in danger.

Please include the patient and client’s name in the message of any correspondence.

To schedule time to discuss the case please use our online scheduler. You will be able to choose a time most convenient for you.
Payment is required at the time of scheduling.