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We care for your pet's physical and emotional well-being. We are committed to reducing your pet’s stress and to care for each pet as if they were our own. Our team of Fear Free®certified professionals are specifically trained to create a compassionate and calming experience for you and your pet using techniques designed to minimize any fear or anxiety your pet may encounter.

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What is Fear Free®?

Fear Free®veterinary care places an emphasis on the emotional well-being of your pet. By decreasing environmental stressors and observing the body language of your pet, we can minimize the anxiety and fear your pet experiences. When necessary, we will sedate fearful animals to eliminate unnecessary suffering and stress associated with necessary examinations and/or procedures.

Your Pet is Safe with Us

We are committed to providing the highest standard of veterinary care, and we believe that minimizing the fear, anxiety, and stress your pet experiences is critical in obtaining this goal.
Our goal is to make all of our interactions with your pet at our clinic positive experiences! We reduce the need to physically restrain your pet by using treats during our exams. This helps create a positive association with our touch and handling. 

The Benefits of Fear Free® Care

The methods we employ ultimately help to promote a stronger bond with your pet, resulting in better care and happier pets. Routine pet care, like nail trims for example, should not cause fear and anxiety in our pets or frustration in our owners.

Our Fear Free® Practice was Designed with Your Pet's Comfort in Mind:

  • Soundproofing between examination rooms
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Recessed, in-floor scale and assorted treats at weigh station
  • Adaptil/Feliway sprayed cat carrier covers and dog bandanas and infusers in kennel areas
  • Separate dog and cat waiting rooms, exam rooms, and kennel areas
  • Visual barriers in dog runs
  • Walk-in tub
  • Behavior consultation room with separate exterior door
  • Happy Visits
  • Low stress handling protocols
  • Pre-visit training instructions 
  • Sedation (when necessary)
  • Behavior consultations

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To learn more about our Fear Free® Certification, please visit this website: Fear Free Pets