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We are glad you are here and look forward to helping you rebuild and strengthen the relationship you have with your pet!  

The Consultation Process

Our behavior appointments require extensive preparation before the patient is seen. We aspire to help as many pets and their families in the most comprehensive and efficient manner.

Due to the complex nature of many behavior problems, we require clients to complete an extensive questionnaire and submit it 3 business days prior to their appointment. This allows the doctor to focus on the treatment of your pet, instead of gathering additional history during the consultation.

Our doctor will review your questionnaire, your pet's medical history, and videos before your appointment to ensure your consultation time is used effectively.  

Videos of problem behaviors are always helpful. Re-creation of /or triggering aggressive events is not advised. If the problem to be addressed is aggressive behavior, videotaping the pets individually in their home environment (both inside and outside) will give us valuable information. The goal is always to maintain safety and avoid triggering aggressive events

Once all the material is collected, it will be evaluated prior to your appointment.

Please note:

All behavior appointments are currently being conducted using telemedicine until it is safe for clients to travel.

The Initial Consultation/Assessment

Ideally all of the people who are involved with the patient should be present to discuss the problems they are having with the pet. The goal is to work as a team to determine a behavior modification plan that everyone can agree upon and implement. 

Consultations generally take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.  
After the consultation is complete, Dr. Colleen Koch will provide you with an assessment of your pet's behavioral problem and the steps needed to modify their behavior.

In-Person Re-assessment Appointments

Re-assessments allow the veterinary behaviorist to evaluate your pet's response to behavior modification and any medications if they have been prescribed and adjust the treatment plan accordingly for continued progress.
The appointments are generally 30-60 minutes long.
During re-assessments, expectations and goals are reviewed and necessary changes are made.
After the appointment, a copy of the recommended adjustments to the treatment plan will be provided. 

In person re-assessments are necessary every 6 months until you are satisfied with your pet's behavior. For optimum results most clients utilize phone re-assessments in between their in-person appointments.

Phone Re-assessment Appointments

This option is only available to clients with patients that have been assessed in person within the last 6 months.
They are designed to provide additional support to current clients in between their pet’s in-person assessments.
Phone re-assessments are utilized to make minor medication adjustments or alterations to the behavior modification plan.
To ensure continued progress, phone re-assessments are recommended at least every other month in between in- person consultations. 

The appointment is scheduled in 15-minute increments.
After the appointment a brief summary of the recommended adjustments to the treatment plan will be emailed to you.

Scheduling a behavior appointment

If you would like a behavior consultation for your pet please:

  1. To schedule an appointment please click on the following link: Schedule a behavior appointment. 

  2. Once you have scheduled an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to an online form to fill out prior to your visit.
    1. You may also visit our forms page and fill out the questionnaire specific to your appointment type. Be sure to hit the "save" option if you would like to finish the form at a later time. 
    2. The form will automatically be submitted when you hit "submit." 

  3. Please have all medical records (from all veterinarians and specialist veterinarians that have treated your pet) sent to the office.
    1. They may fax them to 217-245-0380 or email them to
    2. If the files are too large, please use . 
  4. Please send short videos (1-3 minutes) of your pet:
    1. Walking /moving- freely (i.e. not on a leash).
    2. Transitioning to the sit, lying down and standing positions. Ideally freely (no command, or leash). If your pet is unable to do this, that is OK!
    3. The problem behavior IF, it is not putting anyone in danger. Please do not set up a scenario where there is even a small chance of someone getting hurt.
    4. The videos can be sent via, if they are too large to be sent via email, or uploaded in your questionnaire. Do not send via google drive. 

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