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We understand the rigors of balancing care for all patients in a practice setting - be it a general or specialty practice.
Our goal is to work together as a team and provide continuity of care for those patients that need behavioral support and intervention. 

How can we help you?

Vet to Vet consultations 

If you have a patient in trouble we an help!
Our vet to vet consultations are beneficial when your client needs help immediately or there are no veterinary behaviorists close to you or your client.

Unfortunately, behavior problems will continue to persist despite the COVID outbreak.  Dr. Colleen S. Koch, DVM, DACVB is offering direct vet to vet consultations to help your patients. 

More information on our vet to vet consultations can be found by clicking here.

To schedule a vet to vet appointment click here.


Our veterinary behaviorist often consults with veterinarians to reduce the distress, improve handling, and management for the animals in their care. 
Do you struggle with team member injuries secondary to bites or scratches? We can help. 
Please contact Dr. Koch to discuss how a personalized consultation can help your practice.


Dr. Colleen Koch, DVM DACVB is available for educational workshops, lectures, presentations customized to the needs of your practice or organization.