Lincoln Land Animal Clinic, Ltd

1148 Tendick
Jacksonville, IL 62650



Lincoln Land Animal Clinic, Ltd. has been providing large animal veterinary services to the Jacksonville community and surrounding area since it opened in 1963. We treat a variety of species including cattle, swine, goats, llamas, buffalo, and horses.

Our large animal services include:

  • Herd health consultations for cattle, swine, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, and buffalo.
  • Wellness exams and vaccinations.
  • Health certifications and testing required for fairs, livestock exhibitions, and sales.
  • Farm visits for herd processing, providing services such as vaccinations, deworming, implanting, dehorning, and castration for calves and vaccinations, deworming, ear tag application, and pregnancy checks for adult animals.
  • Farm visits for sickness exams for illnesses that may arise from respiratory disease, overeating, bloat, weak calf, dystocias, and more.
  • Emergency coverage including administration of intravenous fluids, treatment for meningeal worm, choke, heat stroke, overeating disease, polioencephalomalacia, listeriosis, and “failure to thrive” syndrome and many other illnesses.
  • Surgery services include castration, dehorning, cesarean sections, left displaced abomasum (LDA), abdominal exploratory surgery, and lumpectomies.
  • Fully stocked large animal pharmacy including vaccinations, dewormers, and hormones.

Call us today at (217) 245-9508 for a consultation for your specific large animal maintenance needs!

calf in truck