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Freedom Harness

The Freedom Harness by 2 Hounds Design is a great tool to help those pets that pull on a leash. When fitted properly, it is difficult for dogs to back out of them. The 2 structural ring design (one in the front and one on a martingale around the chest) offers both braking and steering when used correctly. Here is a video showing how Dr. Colleen Koch teaches owners to use the Freedom Harness.


Gentle Leader

We recommend Gentle Leader head collars for pets who tend to pull on a leash.  Walks are easier by using the head collar to direct the head and provide better control.  This video demonstrates how to desensitize your pet to wearing the collar and how to fit it properly.  This is not a muzzle; when fit properly, it should fit snuggly but will not impinge opening of the mouth. 



Exercise Equipment

This "Device" is a tool that can be used to exercise dogs that need exercise, but do not yet know how to "come", or walk on a leash. This should only be used with flat collars or harnesses.  The Device should only be used while the dog is supervised. The intent is to help you build a relationship with your dog so that you can teach them basic cues such as "come" and to walk on a loose leash.


Physical Therapy Ladder

A physical therapy ladder can be easily constructed with a few simple materials. The following video demonstrates how to make and use a physical therapy ladder.