Lincoln Land Animal Clinic, Ltd

1148 Tendick
Jacksonville, IL 62650



Compassionate care, Exceptional medicine starts here in our state of the art building. From the non-slip flooring to the additional soundproofing in the walls, every detail of our new clinic was designed with your pet's comfort in mind.

Our new clinic is located at 1148 Tendick Street, Jacksonville, IL

 Take a walk through our clinic with the tour below!

Lincoln Land



When you arrive...

Front Lobby

Our reception desk is large enough so our patients can stay far enough apart helping them feel safer during
check in and out. Our floors were designed to give dogs traction which helps to reduce their overall fear and anxiety.

Dog on Scale

The recessed scale makes it easier for most dogs to step on and off. The treat dispensing station makes “weighing” in delicious!

Dog waiting area

The separate dog waiting area with pheromone diffusers to reduce stress and anxiety.

Cat waiting area

The separate cat waiting area helps them feel safe from inquisitive dogs. Pheromone infused towels can be used to cover carriers reducing stress and anxiety.


Dog sitting in exam room

Folding exam tables create more room on the floor to examine large dogs.

picture of towels we infuse with scent pheromones

Towels infused with calming pheromones on the table and scale provide comfort and traction.

Exam Rooms


• HIPAA compliant sound proofing reduces noise from people and animals in the neighboring rooms

• Yoga mats increase comfort and traction for all patients

Species specific pheromone diffusers to help improve comfort and reduce stress

• Four ventilation systems reduce smells and noise from different areas of the clinic


Consult Room

Consult Room


During behavior consults, treats help with the evaluation of the pet’s anxiety, ability to focus, and learn in a new environment

Tethers and gates are available if needed for safety in the 10 x 20 ft room

Separate entrance and exit from the general clinic if needed to reduce exposure to triggers



Hospitalization Wards


Our cat and dog wards are separated and each have their own high air exchange ventilation system to reduce the risk of infections, smells, and sounds of other species. 

• Large windows allow for light, creating a more natural environment. 

• Species specific pheromone diffusers are placed to reduce overall stress and anxiety in hospitalized patients.


Large Dog Ward

Large Dog Ward

• Non-reflective visual blocking between runs & the  walkway reduces glare & interactions between dogs 

• Runs have a thick mat and blanket to improve traction and comfort

• Dog walking area located outside the ward to increase safety

• Pheromones, music, and a fan further mask clinic noise

Small Dog Ward

Small Dog Ward

• Little dogs are separated from the large dogs to increase their comfort level

• Each patient is provided with soft bedding during their stay

Cat Ward

Cat Ward

 Radiant heated ceiling with it’s own thermostat

• Located on the opposite side of the clinic from the dog wards and on a separate ventilation system


Intensive Care

Intensive Care

Two large runs with visual blocking to reduce stress from people and animals passing by

Colored non-stainless sides reduce reflection to decrease anxiety

Isolation Ward

Isolation Ward

Close to an exit door allows infectious animals to be safely brought into the clinic

Located away from all of the other wards




Pharmacy Laboratory

Laboratory & Pharmacy


Analyzers perform complete blood work, chemistry, thyroid, and urinalysis allows for faster diagnosing and accurate treatment for patients

A microscope allows for quick cytological diagnoses of ear, skin, urine, fecal, and fine needle aspirates 

Special or more extensive testing is sent to an outside lab

Fully stocked small and large animal pharmacy

The online pharmacy conveniently delivers medication and food directly to the client’s home



Surgery, Equipment & Treatment


Treatment Area

Treatment Area

Large surgical lights provide superior lighting for dentals, wound care, and preparation for surgery



Digital radiographs (xrays) allow for quick diagnoses

Allows for consultation with specialists

An oxygen hook up is available to safely take xrays on sedated or respiratory compromised patients

Surgical Prep

Surgical Prep

All our surgeries are performed using sterilized instruments

A pass through is available to transfer packs to the surgery room

No- touch scrub sink allows doctors to aseptically wash up for surgery

Surgical Suite

Surgical Suite

Dedicated HVAC system reduces noise and infection

New Laser - reduces bleeding and pain

Oxygen levels, blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm (electrocardiogram- ECG) are monitored during every procedure


Dental Equipment

Dental Equipment

Ultrasonic scaler and  polisher

High speed hand device with burrs to make sectioning teeth and extractions easier

Snap Readers

Snap Readers

Automatically reads snap tests

Integrates test results into the medical record



Quick and easy eye pressure measurements

No need for sedation or numbing the eye




Animal Food Prep,  Laundry and Bathing A large tub with a ramp

Animal Food Prep, Laundry & Bathing


Dedicated refrigerator

Extra large sink

Motion detector lights

Storage for towels, bowls and food

Dedicated HVAC system reduces noise and infection




Dog walking area



Fenced in dog walking area keeps dogs safe while being walked