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 Clicker Train Your Cat

Cat owners, you can finally combat the myth that cats can't do tricks!  The following video demonstrates how to clicker train your cat.


Coming soon!! Young and old, it doesn't matter! Your cat will love the interaction of training!  Here Peanut an 18 year old cat shows off her clicker training skills!  Thanks Dr. Cheryl Kolus for sharing.  Dr. Kolus is demonstrating the power of targeting.

Teaching your pet to take medication 

Here is a step by step method to teach your cat or any pet to take medication.


Physical therapy for cats? Sure!! 

Dr. Cheryl Kolus sent this video of her cat Peanut walking in the tub.  This is an "end" product~ she didn't just throw her cat in the full tub.  She explains during the video how to teach this great behavior!  This would also work for teaching you cat to like bathing.


Jennifer Pills George

A comedic lesson in how to pill your cat shown by CVT Jennifer and her cat George.

Video coming soon!


Cat in the Box

Jennifer uses clicker training to teach George to get into a box.

A Cat's Perspective

This video demonstrates how a cat may perceive it's trip to the vet clinic or groomer. It is important to help your cat feel safe by training them to like their carrier, enjoy car rides and ensuring their safety at the vet clinic. While your cat may enjoy the dogs in your household, they may feel trapped and helpless with strange dogs peering in at them.