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January~ Are you prepared for the cold?  Did you make any resolutions for you or your pet?

Preparing for the cold
As the temperatures drop, are your pets' needs taken care of?

  • It is important to make sure outdoor pets have fresh, unfrozen water and adequate bedding/shelter available at all times.  Their bedding and shelter must be kept dry and be protected from the wind.  High quality food is essential for your pet to maintain a healthy body weight.  
  • Please be careful using external heat sources such as lamps or heating pads to keep your outside (or inside) pet(s) warm.  Only use products specifically designed for pets and used in the manner in which they were intended.  Some pets will not move away from the heat source and these products can result in burning of the skin.  If your pet chews on the cord or the products are not used correctly, it might result in a fire. 
  • Often while doing chores, owners use hand warmers.  These are great products however,  they contain excessive amounts of iron. If your pet chews or eats these products, the side effects can be vomiting and stomach ulcers. Please contact us if you suspect your pet may have ingested one.  A radiograph (xray) can tell us if the metal piece is in the digestive tract.
  • Many indoor pets are not used to the cold weather any more than we are.  When an arctic blast hits, please minimize their time spent outside. Sometimes it is so cold many dogs will not want to eliminate outside, or will only eliminate small amounts.  If your pet has an accident, please do not be upset with them.  We are certainly thankful for indoor plumbing and might seek alternative pottying spots if we had to go outside to eliminate!
  • This time of year, many people are using salt to melt the ice.  If you are, please make sure it is pet safe. If you aren't but walk your pet on public sidewalks, please use caution and know that your pet may be walking on salt that is not pet friendly.  The salt can burn your pet's foot pads or cause irritation.  Your pet licking their feet may result in excessive salt consumption.  The best thing to do is to wipe your pet's feet, then rinse with some water to remove any residue.  If you notice your pet has any drooling, diarrhea or excessive irritation, please contact us.

New Year Resolutions: 
The New Year is here and resolutions are often made for a healthier lifestyle for ourselves.  The same resolutions can be made for our pets! 

Healthy weight solutions include healthy weight diets (either over-the-counter diets or prescription diets) and measured amounts based on proper weight and activity level.  Some dogs are so ravenous they eat their meal in a matter of seconds and then beg for more food all day.  Who can resist those warm soft eyes, pleading for just a taste?

Animals in the wild do not eat out of bowls like our modern pets, they spend much of the day foraging and hunting.  Their search for food provides exercise and mental stimulation.  Today, many pets are not mentally stimulated.  Food puzzles and toys help your pet slow their eating, provide environmental enrichment, as well as encourage those couch potatoes to get moving!  Click on here to learn more the benefits of food puzzles.

Our team members are trained to determine if your pet is at a healthy weight and can recommend strategies to help your pet reach or maintain that weight. 

Make a resolution this year to keep your pet current on vaccinations and monthly flea and heart-worm preventions. These low cost preventatives save you a lot of money in the long run!

January is National Train Your Dog Month
Take advantage of the cold weather outside and spend quality time indoors training your pet!  Any pet can be trained from goldfish to elephants.  If you are interested or have questions please call our office or visit this link for further information on training.

February is Dental Awareness Month 
Keep your pet healthy from head to toe.  Does your pet have bad breath, trouble eating, or drool a lot?  Your pet might have dental disease;  to find out how to help your pet, schedule an appointment to have your pet's teeth, gums, and mouth examined for potential dental problems. Please stay tuned for further information! (Like the previews? Sneak a peak on our dental page.)