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Having your pet microchipped is the best way to ensure your pet is returned to you if they are ever lost or stolen. Collar tags, while helpful, can fall off or become illegible. Microchips are a permanent way to identify your pet!

Microchip implantation is a simple, quick procedure. While the implantation process can be done without sedation, we try to coordinate implantation with another procedure that requires anesthesia such as a dental cleaning or a routine spay/neuter surgery. 

We offer two types of microchip identification: "regular" chips and ISO compliant chips. Both can be read by any universal scanner which means any veterinary clinic, animal control center, or shelter around the world with a scanner can read the chip. ISO compliant chips are more expensive, but they meet the strictest guidelines for world travel. 

Follow these links to learn more about the microchipping process: 

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